Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coach wins big, gets fired

So this one time, a coach won his basketball game by 100 points; then he got fired. In fact, he won by a final score of 100-0. It bears repeating, he won a basketball game by 100 points. The coach of the winning private Christian school, The Covenant, Micah Grimes did not agree with the schools stance that it was embarrassed by the lopsided win. He was then fired. It seems that he was not fired for the victory, but for his descent of toeing the line.
In the words of Herm Edwards, "you play to win the games." Now I've heard that the box score showed that Covenent only scored 12 points in the fourth quarter, so it seems that when they were ahead 59-0 at the half, they took their foot off the gas.
The most important blame that is not being discussed here is who the hell scheduled this game? The athletic directors of these two schools should have never let this happen. The losing school only boasts 28 females students total, with 8 of those on the basketball team. They should obviously never be playing a team of this caliber. Who's to blame here? The coach that did his job to the best of his ability, the players who did what players do and score, the players who can't score one freaking point, or the AD's that are so oblivious to their athletes abilities that let this "contest" take place? You be the judge. 


Jeney said...

Maybe that's one reason why Carrie was canned? Win Big East every year you coach... get sacked.

Too bad it doesn't work like that for football.

(In all seriousness, though - I had the same question you did when I heard about this story.)

josh said...

i think the real question here is, out of 28 girls at ONE school, what are the odds of 1 of them being a hottie?

bummer for the dudes at that school..yikes