Tuesday, January 13, 2009

slipping on the icey road of life

As I was doing my daily 35 minute drive to work yesterday, that took 45 minutes in the craptastic weather we were having, I had an epiphany. My life over the last four years is very similar to driving in this shit weather that I hate. Since I am currently also hating life, it seems fitting. I should have realized this the first year I lived in this God-forsaken town. Everytime I tried to complete numerous tasks in a day, I was stopped by some unknown force. Be it 80 red lights a day, a flat tire, closed stores, or a dead battery, life would not let me get things done. 
Gradually over the last four years, I have succumb to this force. I no longer am a "go-getter", I frequently dread leaving the house to go to work, and I would prefer to sit on the couch, drink a few (or 20) beers, and stay in on the weekend, over going out and joining the "amateur drunks" (thanks mom!) at the bar. I blame seasonal depression to a point. The fact that it's dark and wintry for 7 months a year here does not help. But I now wonder if it's more than this. Some unknown force is sucking the life out me. Just like slipping on the road when I am driving, or cruising at a neck-breaking 35 miles per hour behind 8 cars with grandmas driving, I am going nowhere fast.
Enough self-loathing for now. More later to be sure!

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