Sunday, January 25, 2009

insomnia and crossword puzzles

I've been neglecting my blog lately. Not that it matter much because I don't believe anyone reads other than the roommate(sometimes), the long distance friend (that's a story for a much longer, different blog) and my local, very wonderful friend who cooks dinner on Wednesday nights (she really is wonderful). 
Irregardless, every time I think about the blog, it is mocking me. What are you going to write about next? Well blog, I've been busy. Cheating on you with crossword puzzles. Yes, lately, due to my job in which I basically work the equivalent of afternoons, I've been up very late at night. And during these late night zoning out sessions with the flat screen, I've been doing online crossword puzzles. I must confess that I'm usually not very good at them. I'm not sure why really. I feel like I am pretty competent with words, and at least partially intelligent. However, I think my brain just doesn't work like other peoples. I don't associate particular words to certain phrases. I blame it partially on the Left-handedness. I wonder if lefties do better on crosswords that lefties create. Now that would be an interesting case study.
I have been getting better at them as I do them more and more often. But, I worry that because I'm getting better at them, does that mean I am programming my brain to function like others'? I don't really like that thought much. But, they have been entertaining me as of late, so I might as well keep on with it until I either get too frustrated or complete my reprogramming.
The best part about online crossword puzzles other than they are free? No pencil lead on my hand. Lefties you know what I'm talking about!

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