Sunday, January 25, 2009

former athletes insomniacs dream

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As a lifelong Andre Agassi fan, there is no way that I couldn't love the tournament that so defined Andre's career. A tournament at the beginning of the season that most players were not conditioned enough at that point to compete in the heat, Andre always flourished. He was the hardest-working, smartest player for the later point of his career and it always showed here. It has been stated numerous times over the first week of this tournament that many of the athletes took a page straight from the Agassi playbook on how to prepare for this tournament and cope with the heat. A testament to a person who started as a young man all about perception and ended as a great ambassador for the game who was all about fulfilling potential and maximizing opportunities.
Damn I love that man. Some may talk about what he could have accomplished, but without the experience of the journey, you never know where or how he might have ended up. He might be a very different person had he taken a journey without the pitfalls and learning associated with it.
Alright, I'm getting teary-eyed here, stop gloating and go donate to the Agassi foundation you heartless bastards.

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