Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Just Wonderin'

What do I smell like to a dog?
After you get done laughing or thinking, "this guy is fucked up", consider it.
Big Willy (my boss/drinking buddy) has a boxer, Elwood. Elwood is with us alot. In the car, at the house, just generally around alot. He's a good dog, very friendly and loves loves loves any and all food you might have or have had and remnants still linger on your fingers or in your immediate vicinity. He is ornery though, and absolutely craves and sometimes demands attention. He can smell a person coming from pretty far away. We know that dog's have an extremely sense of smell, I'm just wondering if it smells the same as we smell it, just amplified, or do things smell different when you can notice any and all nuances of something. Kinda like TV in HD. It's the same, but very different.
I'm just wonderin'.

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