Monday, September 10, 2007

inaugural posting

Well, here it is. I have been told by a few friends for a while now that I should start a "blog". I know for sure that one of them has just been watching too much Californication on Showtime, and he must see some eerie similarities with David Duchovny's character and myself, minus all the sex that is. One spot-on trait is our jaded-with-mundane-life attitude. It's a pretty good show, check it out if you have not already, .

So what will this blog be? Well, I don't anticipate anyone reading it, but regardless of that fact, it will be a way for me to vent my frustration with life. From hypocrisy of powers that be, to my iron-clad direct TV contract. From nepotism at every turn, to those annoying 98 cents in your pocket when the cashier wouldn't spring for your extra 2 cents and you didn't have change. Just a way for me to keep my sanity.

If you do happen to read this and like it, drop me a line or give me a suggestion. "you suck", or "hey you know what pisses me off". If it's noteworthy, I'll talk about it.

That's all for now. Over and out.

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